Title Field

The title is the header that the item will have in the BCI. Usually it is fairly clear, but when you have to provide a title for the item, try to be consistent with what others have done.


Letters should be titled with the author and recipient (only one) and the date spelled out completely.

Edith How-Martyn to Margaret Sanger, November 12, 1932

Articles should be titled as rendered as they were in the journal or magazine:

The Situation in France

Photographs should be provided a title that describes them well for the search results and is not so vague as to result in multiple items having the same title

Women organizers at the World Population Conference, 1927
Interior of Rudolf Rocker's medical laboratory, 1930s

People should be titled with the person's name and dates. Add additional names in parenthesis.

Giroud, Gabriel (1870-1945)
Jensen, Thit (Maria Kristine Dorothea) (1876-1957)

Organizations should be titled with the name of the organization and the founding and closing dates if known. If not in English, add a second title with an English translation of the organization's name. For a list of translated organization names, click

Associazione Italiana Per L’educazione Demografica (1953-)
Italian Association for Demographic Education (1953-)

Bund für Mutterschutz und Sexualreform (1904- )
League for Protection of Motherhood and Sexual Reform (1904-)

Laws should be titled with the name of the law, or section of the law. If not in English, add a second title with an English translation. Always include the country name at the start of the title. If you don't have the specific title, you can enter a general one for a stub, but we must get the complete title for a full identification.

United States Penal Law, Section 211 (1873)
Poland, Penal Code (1932)

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