Relation Field

The relation field is used to highlight connections to other records in the BCI.

  • For documents, it can relate to enclosed records, to multiple part articles.
  • For organizations, it can point out predecessor or successor organizations, or provide a link to a parent or list of child organizations.
  • For people, it can relate spouses, children, parents and other connections. It can also be used to provide information about images attached to the identification.
  • For laws, it can relate the law that superceded the one described, or preceded it.


Provide the relationship and use the use HTML opetin to add a link to the Public view of the item in the BCI so that the reader can click on the link to get to the related item.

On identifications, you can also link to information on the photograph attached.


John Guy was married to Gerda Sebbelov Guy.

This letter was enclosed in How-Martyn to Sanger, October 8, 1931.

[person] For photograph, see

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