The Birth Control International (BCI) project has two main missions, and in order to achieve them, we need the help of archivists, scholars, teachers, students, reproductive rights activists, and members of the general public interested in this important topic. Some tasks require that members of the site have physical access to the documents, while others can be completed from home.

Gathering and Digitizing Documents

The BCI will build a resource to help find the location of historical records of the birth control movement and will begin digitizing documents from those collections, securing the rights to publish them online, and then digitizing them. Tasks include:

  • Identifying archives, organizations, libraries and private collections that contain relevant documents.
  • Locating the texts of laws that affect reproductive rights
  • Securing permissions to copy and digitize documents from rights holders.
  • Scanning records and mounting them on the site
  • Describing the documents following the BCI's guide

Building Knowledge

Providing context for the documents in the BCI collection is essential to understanding. With resources scattered around the globe, we hope that experts and local researchers will be able to conduct some research to help readers. Tasks include:

  • Transcribing the documents to make them searchable.
  • Translating documents into multiple languages.
  • Identifying people, places, organizations, and laws mentioned in the documents and creating short entries in BCI databases.
  • Editing and adding to these short identifications using specialized or local resources.
  • Drafting summaries of birth control organizations in specific regions or countries.
  • Creating digital exhibits exploring themes and issues found in the BCI collections.
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