Description Field

The description field should be filled in regardless of whether there is a full transcription or identification for the item. Its purpose is to give a short description of the item that the reader can use to decide whether or not they want to click on the item.

For documents, a one-two sentence description of the major contents should be added.

For organizations, people, and laws, a brief one-two sentence description of their roles and function should be added.

For collections, a brief description of the content and extent of the collection should be added.

In most cases, additional description will be added in item type metadata, but this is a first pass.


[document] How-Martyn updates Sanger on the happenings in the birth control movement in England, the Archbishop of Canturbury's support of birth control.

[person] Amolak Ram Mehta (1894-1986) was a Western-trained public health physician who served as India's Minister of Health.

[archival-collections] The MSPP has approx. 80-90 original documents, as well as books and pamphlet owned,signed by or about Sanger

[law] On July 23, 1920, France passed a law prohibiting the sale of birth control devices and the distribution of birth control or abortion propaganda.

[organization] The Johannesburg Race Welfare Society was founded in 1931 to provide access to birth control information to the poor.

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